Photographic Experience

  Scott has been doing photography for over 20 years (since 1990).  

His photography has been displayed in The Corcoran Gallery of Art in Washington DC, USA. 

It has also been displayed and sold to collectors in galleries in Taos, New Mexico and Prescott, Arizona USA.  

Scott has done every kind of photography, but his favorites remain Wildlife, Macro, as well as Special Effects.

Scott  has been known to spend the better part of a day waiting for that perfect shot or spending time in the darkroom (back in the days of celluloid).  He has been known to spend hours approaching a heard of wild Big Horn Sheep to capture that perfect shot with a wide-angle lens to maintain the depth-of-field that is absent in an image taken with a super telephoto lens.  He has also been known to wait patiently in the middle of a lightning storm to get the perfect lightning bolt descending from a picturesque sunset of golden red clouds.  

Purchase the image for your wall

 Scott will normally print his images on Metal paper which gives the image a three-dimensional style to it as well as extend the life expectancy of the image from 25 years (for a normal image) to over 75 years. 

He can however print on other materials such as canvas.  

 Scott will only print 50 images for sale prior to retiring the image.   

He accepts various secure payment methods.   

If you choose to purchase a photograph please to ask for the details on image size and cost.